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Giving Approvers permissions to create campaigns as well using launchers

As an Approver, I want the ability to act as a collaborator as well so that when my collaborators are unavailable, I can create campaigns in Marketo using our launcher.

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  • Dec 13 2019
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    David Desrosiers commented
    10 May 09:06pm

    After further analyzing this, Considering a Collaborator can only view it's own created campaign, the suggested workaround would force an admin to switch the role back and fort to accommodate various situations. A new permissions would be required to allow to create your own campaigns AND approve/review other users campaigns at the same time.
    Therefore this idea is updated to future consideration until we gather more votes.

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    David Desrosiers commented
    3 Jan, 2020 03:16pm

    This should be achievable by granting a Collaborator Role to this user. This will grant access to Create, View, Edit and Approve Campaigns.

    You can either do that in the User Profile (Collaborator Role will apply by default on all shared Launchers) or leave the user as an Approver, but promote him/her to a Collaborator role on specific Launcher(s).

    Let me know if this is a viable workaround for you specific use case!

    More on Jeto roles and permissions :

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