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Ability to set different destination folders for same Launcher

Use case: university has 1 folder for each department in each school. They want to leverage the same Launcher for all but there can only be one destination folder and ideally, the clone would be sent to the proper folder based on the user who requested it (to their faculty folder)

  • Cat Champoux
  • Nov 19 2018
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  • Shannon Kelly commented
    6 Dec, 2023 03:59pm

    Hi team! Hoping that the destination folder can be determined based on the user who requested the launcher (tied to the user account).

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    21 Nov, 2018 09:48pm

    Destination folder is a Launcher level parameter. All campaigns created from that launcher share a common destination folder. 

    Possible solutions to bring it to campaign level would be to have a campaign form input field (ex Department) dictate the destination folder. 

    I hardly see the collaborators being familiar with Destination folders/naming conventions so this could be a condition attached to an existing common campaign field Ex: Faculty.  - or even a combination of fields. Ex: Faculty & Campaign type.

    If this is the route to take we would need 
    1) new conditional logics added to the form builder. (If answer to question A = X and question B = y , then set destination folder = Z 
    2) new configs in launcher settings where the logic can be configure for destination folder.  
    Doable, but not an easy change as you can imagine.
    We'll keep it for future consideration. Let's see if it's up-voted.  

    If anyone has input on this pleas chime in!