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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit JETO-I-28 Ability to set different destination folders for same Launcher.

Use an input value to specify a destination folder for newly created programs Merged

To keep the database clean, I want all campaigns from location 1 to be dropped into a folder for location 1.

I know this can be accomplished with a unique Launcher for location 1, but that becomes unmanageable due to having a very high number of locations

  • Guest
  • Apr 15 2021
  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    16 Jan 05:24pm

    Thank you @Shannon for your feedback.
    I just realized there was another Idea with similar requirement, so I Merged the 2 ideas.
    Please check Also could you please elaborate on the process to determine how the destination folder could be determined?

    Maybe based on the user that makes the request like suggested previously "based on the user who requested it " or would you see us using a value from a pick list field for which you can configure the destination folder associated with the selected value?
    Thank you!

  • Shannon Kelly commented
    12 Dec, 2022 04:04pm

    We think we will need this for our school franchise client next year! Will be very useful.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    10 May, 2021 08:56pm

    Thanks Cat for submitting this very interesting idea.

    I'm updating this to "Additional Input required" so that we can gather votes and help prioritize this improvement.