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Have the ability to archive campains

With increasing volume of campaigns over time, it would be nice to have the ability to archive them, so they don't display in main campaign panel by default (but can still be reached in some way if necessary).

User Stories

As a: User \ Campaign Owner (Collaborator “Owner” of the campaign) or an Administrator

Given : increasing volume of campaigns over time
When: It would be nice to have the ability to archive them
Then: Archived Campaigns would not display in main campaign panel by default, but can still be reached by editing default filter and adding “Archived” to the Campaign Status filter options.

  • I would like to be able to archive each campaign individually.

  • I would like to be able to archive campaign in bulk based on applied filters in my campaign dashboard using (Campaign Type, Owner, Status, Create Date, Tags, Shared with…)

  • Archived Campaigns would not display in main campaign panel by default, but can still be reached by editing default filter and adding “Archived” to the Campaign Status filter options.

  • The status of archived campaign remains accessible/visible (Approved\Error, etc)

  • This applies to Campaigns and Campaign Drafts

Acceptance Criteria - Functional Specifications


  • Create a new “Archived” Campaign property that will replace the use of status, so that campaign status remains available (and not overwritten)

  • Use the existing ARCHIVED status from Campaing.Status.Enum

  • Migrate current data so that campaign with status “archived” are set with the new property “Archived” is set to true, and every other campaign to False

  • Introduce Bulk Actions in JETO to Archive Campaigns. Uses existing UX to select and Change Owner

  • Status for campaigns is always saved and is mentioned even when campaigns are archived. When restored, campaigns retain their status as of time of archive.

1 . User navigation \ flow

1.1 Archive individual campaign flow

  • Admin navigates to /Campaigns

    • Clicks campaigns snowman menu and select “Archive”.

      • Archive menu can either be active or inactive for this campaign (greyed out) if campaign is PENDING

1.2 Archive bulk campaigns flow

  • Admin navigates to /Campaigns

    • Apply Filters & Sort (optional) Filters should support additional options like created date, updated date, and multiple options (Added to other epic)

    • Select bulk action menu - Introduced with Change Owner

      • Select All OR Select Multiple Campaigns using checkbox

        • Select action “Archive”

          • Confirmation toast appears. With message “You’re about to archive X campaigns. Please confirm to proceed”

          • If selection contains campaign(s) in PENDING status disable archive action + on hover display tooltip message “Campaigns in Pending status cannot be archived.”

          • If selection contains campaign(s) with SCHEDULED RUNS, update the message stating ‘You are about to archive ‘X’ campaigns. Some of your selected campaigns have scheduled automated launch. If you proceed with archiving these campaigns, all scheduled jobs will be cancelled. Do you wish to proceed?’

1.3. Accessing Archived Campaigns

  • Archived Campaigns appear in a ‘frozen state’/view only mode. All fields are greyed out and the Save changes option is not available
    Preview mode(?) with no comments.

  • Cloning campaigns should be prevented (for all roles)

  • When trying to access the Archived menu The Account admin(s) will be able to see ALL archived campaigns. The campaign owner (or user with which campaign is shared) will only see the campaigns archived that were submitted by them. Any other user will see the icon as greyed out and will be unable to see the Archived campaigns

2. Retrieve / access archived campaigns.

2.1 User navigates to Campaigns

  • Select new “Organize” icon on top nav

  • Selects “Archive” icon (greyed by default)

3. Undo\Unarchive Campaigns

3.1 Campaigns Archived by mistake can be reverted to original status by:

  • Navigating to Archived Campaigns

  • Mimic Selection behaviour from Change Owner UX to select one or multiple campaigns and Click on ‘Remove from Archive’

5. Exceptions and Error Handling

5.1 Depending on campaign status, campaign may or may not be archived

  • Cannot be archived: Deleted, Pending,

  • Can be archived: Submitted, Approved, Error, In Approval, Change(s) Requested, Scheduled Campaigns (Cancel all future scheduled jobs for archived campaign)

6. Roles and Permissions

6.1 Action to “Archive” campaigns must be restricted to:

  • The Owner of the campaign

  • An Admin of the Launcher

7. General UI Guidance

7.1 The icon file for bulk edit campaigns can be found here.

7.2 All actions to database, including archive campaign must have confirmation message displayed in a “toast”. “Success! X campaigns archived”. Where X represents the count of archived campaigns.

7.3 TO BE CONFIRMED Archived campaigns are not returned using the “get campaigns” API call. To access archived campaigns, a new parameter in the Get Campaigns call should allow developer to “include archived campaigns” in response. This parameter should be “false” by default.

7.4 For design, please consider related story JETO-3319 where “bulk” action menu should be common to both “Archive” and “Change Owner” actions. Therefore both tasks should share a common portion of the navigation design.

7.5 Make sure to keep uniformity with every other Bulk Update actions in Jeto such as Bulk user & Groups.

8. Backward compatibility

8.1 New parameter to specify “include archived” in GET campaigns should be optional to avoid introducing a breaking change.

8.2 Make sure to keep using the same value for campaigns Status : “ARCHIVED”.

  • David Desrosiers
  • Feb 6 2020
  • Working on it
  • Attach files
  • Admin
    Fahad Khan commented
    23 Apr 07:12pm

    We'll be working on this soon and looking to ship our MVP in our next sprint.

    For your use-case, @Danielle, we will be implementing some changes to make it easier to avoid those errors.

    We'll be introducing an 'Archived' property with our campaigns which can be utilized with Jeto Connect/Workato to avoid integration related errors. If you need assistance in enabling this post release, you can reach out to our CSM team.

    The UX in Jeto will allow admins and campaign owners to individually, and via bulk select, archive campaigns. They will appear in a filtered state outside of the main Dashboard.

    In addition, we are introducing an additional filter option within the campaign dashboard to filter campaigns by associated launcher. This should help verify what campaigns are currently linked to a launcher.

    Another way out would be clone a launcher before making any field updates. That should help reduce the errors if any the team faces.

  • Danielle Hollywood commented
    12 Apr 07:12pm

    This is awesome news Fahad! We look forward to seeing this functionality in the near future. Please let us know if we can be any more assistance with demoing our use cases and such.

  • Admin
    Fahad Khan commented
    12 Apr 04:07pm

    Hey Danielle! Thank you for your detailed feedback. We have noted down your use-cases as we look to hopefully introduce these changes in stages as part of our upcoming releases!

  • Danielle Hollywood commented
    9 Apr 11:00pm

    Noting a few additional cases for archiving:

    Any time new fields or picklists are updated in launchers this can cause a variety of issues, as noted below.

    • Cloning old campaigns that are not up to date: this then causes errors when pushed to our internal systems Marketo/ SFDC since they do not match, plus the cloned program misses any new fields that were added to that launchers since the program they are cloning from was created. This requires two update chains 1. to fix the error 2. for us to reach out to the stakeholder and request the missed info. 3. in some cases even recreating the campaign completely.

    • Updating old/existing campaigns: when a picklist is updated or new field introduced across our launchers, it requires us to mass update all the existing campaigns in our system. This can be a daunting task with hundreds of campaigns. Whereas if we could easily narrow down to only update current/non archived campaigns this would save us a lot of time going through or updating campaigns that do not need to be.

    • Picklists/New fields added to campaigns that should not be: when we create new fields or update picklists many times it is only for moving forward on new campaigns that existing campaigns in motion or past campaigns. However without the ability to archive, we will have campaigns get updated with picklists that should not be and then that sometimes when mass or other updates are made they get resubmitted and passed to our SFDC and Marketo instance with new values that we would not want to be updated.

    Additionally not being able to archive affects when users are removed from the system. When ownership is updated it causes the campaign to be resubmitted and run thru our integrations. If a picklist has been updated or new field is required in our CRM that is not the present it will cause the campaign to have an error. If we could archive campaigns old campaigns would not be resubmitted. It is also worth noting that we integrate with SFDC via Workato so this is likely isolated to only those in similar cases.

  • Danielle Hollywood commented
    28 Feb 08:59pm

    We are a year into full production rollout to our entire marketing org and noticed it is becoming more challenging to manage launcher updates and picklist updates and other system wide updates when old campaigns not needed to be updated or effected get updated. If we could have the ability to archive old campaigns it would alleviate a lot of manual updates required and residual effects/ potential errors in our system and connected integration ecosystem. It would be a major win and value add if this was added to the 2024 roadmap. :)

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    29 Aug, 2023 07:38pm

    This idea was parked for a while as we reworked the dashboard loading strategy. With the addition of lazy loading, only the few most recent campaigns will load immediately, which helped significantly increase speed and declutter the campaign's page.

    Please let us know if you still feel like this feature is needed !

  • Sarah Cherney commented
    18 Nov, 2021 11:12pm

    As a new Admin, I think this will help greatly to manage workflow, thanks!

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    17 Nov, 2020 08:12pm

    Quick update on adding the ability to archive campaigns.
    Unfortunately where not able to complete this in time for the November release but It's still on our radar in the next 0-3 months. Stay tuned...

  • Brendan Burk commented
    15 Oct, 2020 06:12pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with the above. As we roll out more and more campaigns, I can envision our dashboard getting very cluttered and difficult to navigate.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    9 Sep, 2020 09:43pm

    I'd like to confirm functional requirements for this feature.

    Please see the newly added User Stories in description. As usual your input is essential to help us make sure these improvements will meet your needs, so please check it out and let me know if this aligns with what you are looking for! Also I'd love to know what would be "Essential" vs "Nice to have" for you in these statements - this will help us prioritize/balance our efforts.