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Advanced Workflow/Logic in Approval Process

Have the ability to set an order for which the notifications will go, ensure that each person approves his/her piece follows through our internal process. The control should allow more flexibility than a preset launcher settings. It should also account for tasks other than review , for example, after last person approves it should go to the Admin for activation. Different options would allow to "configure" the approval workflow. Here are a couple options worth considering:

Predefined workflow, assigned based on campaign form input

  • Various approval workflows (people, order, roles) could be stored in a dedicated section of Jeto.

  • The specific approval workflow for a campaign (people, order, roles) could be determined based on a custom input field in the campaign form (Region, Department, etc)

Predefined Workflow, based on requester

  • Various approval processes/scenarios (people, order, roles) could be stored in a dedicated section of Jeto during setup.

  • The specific approval process for a campaign (people, order, roles) could be determined based on the requester.

Flexible Workflow, per campaign

  • Campaign manger/requester must select, for each campaign, one of the predefined workflows at the creation/editing of the campaign.

No predefined workflow / pass it along

  • Campaign manger can determine who will be tasked with the next round of campaign review. Once the reviewer is done, they can pass it to the next person

We're curious to learn more about this improvement. Does any of these option match your needs? Are there other ways you would like this to work? Please add your comments!

  • Catherine Champoux
  • Nov 15 2019
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  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    7 Nov, 2022 07:01pm

    Thanks for your valuable input Dani. This project is being evaluated for our 2023 roadmap. I will let you know as soon as it's confirmed.

  • Dani Langenderfer commented
    3 Oct, 2022 08:16pm

    Our team currently has over 300 launchers to maintain, with plans to create more. The main reason for the large number of launchers is our team structure. When we create a new program, we have 4 different branded programs and then multiple teams that handle those brands. To avoid confusion with email alerts, we create a launcher per team assignment (collaborator, editor, and approver), that leads us to 30 or so versions of one launcher. It would be great if we could a single launcher could assign the editors and approvers (even viewers if needed) based on the person (the Collaborator) that submits the launcher.

    If we couldn't do this automatically, it would even be great if we could ask who to include in the launcher and that determines who is notified and has access to the campaign.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    3 Jan, 2020 03:51pm

    This would be a great addition to the Campaign Approval feature we released last fall.
    It was considered in the initial scope but we decided to start with a less restrictive approach first and incrementally add to it.

    This approach also raised a couple questions during the analysis phase as using predefined approval steps also adds complexity. Although we don't plan on adding this feature within a 0-6 months outlook, I'd love to hear some feedback and gather more insights on the related impacts, such as:

    - What would happen when one of the approvers, down the line, requests a change? Would the campaign go back and start the review process over again from the 1st approver?

    - How would you deal with people being on PTO? Would you reassign the approval step to someone else temporarily or just skip this step if someone is off duty?

    - Where should we setup these "Approval Team" configurations (people, role & order of approval)? Would it be ok to define these rules for each Launcher individually or would you beed an account wide "Approval Teams" structure where these rules can be defined, then subsequently used in Launcher configurations? Would these roles and order rules be fixed by Launcher or would it need to follow specific logic (Ex: if collaborator enters value = EMEA in "Team" campaign field, then assign approval flow "A"..etc)

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