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Define the target audience for my campaigns

Allow user to select the audience of their campaign while creating a new campaign.
From initial feasibility analysis, this may require Marketo configurations:
- Create a structured segmentation or series of smartlisrts or static lists that include "Predefined Audiences" (Ex: centralized in lead database).
- Then locally, each template program (and new programs created for each campaign) would host a local static lists as part of program smart campaigns. These static lists would originally be empty, and Jeto would transfer the "Audiences" into the local static lists at the moment of creating/cloning the programs

Couple things that comes to mind which are still to validate/confirm dn the road:

- How do we manage access to audiences? Account wide setting? by launcher? by group ? by user?

- Also is one single audience good enough per campaign? or would there be a need for having multiple audiences setup in a single program?

As usual your input/feedback is more than welcomed!

  • David Desrosiers
  • Mar 13 2019
  • Working on it
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  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    15 Nov, 2023 06:42pm

    We're now recruiting testers for this first version of the feature that is available in production.

    Current capabilities include:
    - Activate Audience Targeting per Launcher
    - Select approved Marketo Smartlists as data source
    - Audience Processing (Import-Export) on Campaign Submit
    - Audience Proecssing (Import-Export) on Campaign Update
    - Lead\Person Count

    Current Limitations \ Future State

    • Only Marketo Smart Lists can be used as data source

    • A single Smart List can be selected per campaign

    • Approved Smart List are shared with all users and all launchers

    • Next Up: we are working on Audience sharing/permissions per Launcher and Per Group

    Full details at

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    21 Nov, 2022 04:36pm

    This new feature is our next focus. It just entered in design phase.
    Stay tuned!

  • Catherine Champoux commented
    24 Jan, 2022 06:11pm

    David, just spoke to another customer who mentioned they would want the end users to see how many people would qualify with the given parameters before they submit, so they could play around and adjust the qualifiers to hit their target number of emails sent.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    24 Jan, 2022 03:19pm

    Great input, thanks Cat.

  • Catherine Champoux commented
    12 Jan, 2022 04:19pm

    Several scenarios to evaluate/keep in mind:

    1) not every customer will want to allow their users to define the audience. As such, this should be an optional feature that can be activated or not (much like the approval process)

    2) some customers have pre-defined static lists. They will want a dropdown with the names of the available lists and users will only be able to select one (or many) from the pre-defined lists

    3) some Admins will want to review the list first and have the ability to modify the final list. This means we will need to "block" updates once the admin has finalized the list in Marketo

    4) some users will want to see what the list looks like to update criteria or to remove members.

    A lot of person data is stored on custom objects for our customers. We will need to ensure we can read those objects.

  • Nikki Hawver commented
    13 May, 2019 08:58pm

    Hi-  Our use case is criteria based on "Role/ Region/ Other criteria" in a custom object we're using.  We have the same email template that will be used for different audiences depending on content.  From a Marketo perspective, we could pre-create these smartlists that meet the criteria, and let the user choose from a drop down list.  Else, we could create multiple smart campaigns that meet the audience requirements, and allow the enduser to choose which campaign initiates...

    Example -  Email could go to Dealer Principles in US or Canada, or both.  Having a user select the audience, in this example, US only-  the Jeto template would only clone the Smart Campaign with the US recipients. 

    I'm probably not explaining this great, but I do have a list with different audience criteria that I could share so you understand how we build our audiences?

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    13 May, 2019 07:35pm

    We see this feature can grow in complexity if we allow a user to create complex queries based on, for example, logics to apply to specific combination of filter criteria...we like keeping things simple for the Collaborators, who is a non technical user.

    I'd love some input on:  How, as an administrator,  would you envision the configuration of the target audiences to be made available to your Collaborators?.  

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