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Clone email and landing page modules within launcher

As is stands now, most of our launchers only have one of each module type, even in our master templates. However, there might be a certain module type that works well for your content and that you'd like to include more of. If we could clone module types within the launcher, this would make the input experience easier and lessen the manual changes on the back end.

  • Brittany Brown
  • Jan 11 2022
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  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    24 Jan, 2022 03:18pm

    I'll be moving this to future improvements nw, will be watching for more votes from users.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    24 Jan, 2022 03:06pm

    Thanks Brittany, yes I think it's the most flexible option and also reduces complexity and potential negative impacts on other Launchers.

  • Brittany Brown commented
    17 Jan, 2022 02:25pm

    Hi David. I think option 2 would be best. I feel like that would allow for easy editing without impacting other templates. Does that work for you?

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    14 Jan, 2022 05:58pm

    Thanks Brittany,

    With email or landing page modules, I can see 2 possible ways we could potentially achieve this.

    1) Jeto can add modules by altering the email/landing page from the Marketo Template Program. Note that this would immediately affect any other Launcher using the same Program as a Template.

    2) We could allow the administrator to "activate" the clone feature on any email module present on the launcher assets. Down the road that would allow the end user to clone these sections by themselves.

    I'd love to hear if any of these methods could work for you.

    I will set this idea to "Additional input needed" for now so we can gather votes and help prioritize.

    Thank you for your input.