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Improve the "Get Jeto Campaign Details" Action in Workato

Currently the "Get Jeto Campaign Details" action in Workato does not populate data pills the way that a "New Campaign in Jeto" trigger does. So that means instead of being able to click and drop pills from Get Jeto Campaign Details into later steps in a recipe, instead, we have to first grab the Jeto Launcher fields' info in a Workato Variable using formulas and codes, and then insert that Variable pill into whatever action is in the recipe later (i.e. to post that data in an Asana task for example). It would be much simpler if the Get Jeto Campaign Details populated the various Jeto Launcher fields into pills right away so that we didn't have to use that extra Create Variables step.

Attached are examples showing how the "New Campaign in Jeto" trigger populates info that you can grab and use later in the recipe, whereas the fields submitted in Jeto campaigns do not populate in the "Get Jeto Campaign Details" action.

  • Jordan Resnick
  • Nov 24 2021
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