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Add direct link from campaigns to access related launcher

Original Request: In order to help Admins troubleshoot issues with already created campaigns, it would be helpful to have the launcher listed next to the name in the campaigns dashboard so admins don't have to hunt down the email notification.


Use Case 1 - Administrator needs to create a test campaign from Launcher

As an Admins

I need to : After I’m done editing or reviewing my Launcher I need to go test it by creating a new campaign using this Launcher.

So That I can :
- Current UX / Flow:

  1. Edit launcher

  2. Save My Launcher

  3. Navigate to Campaigns from Main Menu,

  4. Click +,

  5. Select Launcher Type

  6. Search and Select Launcher

  7. Create Test Campaign

  • Optimized UX Flow

    • Option a)
      1 Edit Launcher
      2. Directly clicks new button “Save and Create Test campaign”=
      3. Create Test campaign


    • Option b)
      1. Edit Launcher.
      2. Save my Launcher.
      3. From Launcher dashboard, click action button on launcher tile to “create campaign from this launcher”

And Benefit: Reduce clicks, save time, avoid errors.

Use Case 2 - Administrator reviewing campaign and needs access related Launcher.

As an Admins

I need to : Go from viewing a campaign and navigate to the “parent” Launcher.

So That I can :
- Current UX/Flow: Does not exist

  • New UI: 1. From the campaign editor, user can click “Launcher” link and access the launcher in edit mode (form loaded)

And Benefit: Reduce clicks, save time, avoid errors.

Use Case 3 - Administrators reviewing Launcher wants to see the “related” campaigns.

As an Admins

I need to : Get a view of all campaigns associated to a specific Launcher.

So That I can : “view all campaigns associated to this Launcher”.

And Benefit: Reduce clicks, save time, avoid errors.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • From Launcher Dashboard, The count of campaigns displays on the Launcher tile (all campaigns except archived, error and deleted).

  • User can click that #, which navigates to Campaign page with filters section expanded. Filter applied for this specific Launcher which represents all campaigns associated to this launcher

  • User can select clear filters to reset the page to all launchers.

  • Catherine Champoux
  • Apr 22 2021
  • Working on it
  • Attach files
  • Rod Allen commented
    29 May 10:29pm

    5/29/2024 Anaplan has requested this as well. I have shared this link with them to upvote.

  • Crystal Pacheco commented
    15 Dec, 2021 04:21pm

    See screenshot to show "Launcher" as a category in the campaigns list.

  • Crystal Pacheco commented
    15 Dec, 2021 04:20pm

    I would like to have this feature to help identify emails more efficiently in the campaign's list. It's like seeing what template the email is associated with. I believe it would be useful.

  • Catherine Champoux commented
    19 May, 2021 07:57pm

    To be able to quickly identify what launcher was used to create a campaign for troubleshooting purposes. Also, to be able to filter quickly to see how many campaigns were created using a specific launcher at a glance.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    10 May, 2021 08:45pm

    Thanks Cat,

    Can you elaborate on the use case? What is the context where you "hunt" for campaigns created by a specific Launcher?

    I'm updating this to "Additional Input required" so that we can gather votes and help prioritize this improvement.