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Paste rich text with existing formatting & cleanup/edit HTML

Merge of 2 ideas that should be adressed together:

1) People copy and paste text with eg links in it or bullet points, but through pasting, this formatting is getting lost, so the idea is to have the ability to paste the formatted text, this could be done eg by html edits (as Marketo has)

2) Whatever code gets pasted, if it's not an element that the rich text editor can select (like specific piece of text), then it won't be deletable manually, therefore some undesired html code can be carried over in the Jeto field that can no longer be edited/cleaned. There is a need for "HTML Cleanup" function. The solution could be to, either allow users to

  • Allow user to wipe the field clean and start over.

  • Allow user to toggle to html code editing.

  • Theresa Jaetsch
  • Jan 26 2021
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  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    5 Apr, 2021 02:46pm

    I also added more to this Idea to include recent use case where copy/paste brought up some undesired html code that broke the layout and could not be fixed in the UI.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    22 Feb, 2021 09:28pm

    Ok thanks, we will continue to collect some feedback on this to better scope the featue. We will talk with other customers to try to figure if it's a control we could add across the board or if there is a need for admin control to allow activating / deactivating this feature.

  • Theresa Jaetsch commented
    11 Feb, 2021 12:54pm

    sure, so, we have sometimes pre-formatted content with eg bullet points and links, currently we need to manually update the text in the box when filling in the text. Marketo has the option to put in html.

  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    3 Feb, 2021 10:00pm

    Thanks Theresa. Can you give me more details on the source of the content?
    Although it is not recommended, you should be able to paste pre-formatted content in Rich Text Area fileds of your Jeto Campaigns.

    The reason why it's not recommended is that it introduces the risk of injecting unsupported html elements / formatting options and scripts that could ultimately break the editor or cause the content visible in Jeto to differ from what is passed to Marketo. This is one of the limitations of WYSIWYG editors like the one we use in Jeto and cannot be avoided. The situation is similar in Marketo - here is a discussion on this topic.

    If you can send more details I'll be happy to look into this.