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Add Launcher Tags to Search and Campaigns Filters

Original Idea Description: Add the ability to group or sort Launchers, especially for Admins who will see all Launchers.

The 1st phase of this feature has been shipped and included adding tags to Launchers : This idea has been created to help prioritize and gather feedback on extending the functions to Search Index and Campaigns.

Include Tags in Search Index

When user types search results in search input field, any search element matching a tag value will also be returned:

  • Launcher Page main search bar

  • Create New Campaign \ Select Launcher modal

  • Campaign Page search bar

Include Tags in Create Campaign Wizard and Campaign Dashboard Filters

  • Given, user needs to select a launcher while creating campaign, when the launcher list displays in create campaign wizard\modal, then tags will display an option to to filter

  • Tags associated to a Campaign are sourced from the related Launcher and are available to use in campaign page filtering options.

  • Campaign Filters will allow to filter on the following dimensions:

    • Campaign Type

    • Tags (inherited from the Launcher)

    • Status

  • Each filter option allows combine multiple selections (multi select) each filter element

General UI/UX for tags

  • In any given session previously selected tags are selected by default when Campaign Page Loads/Reloads.

  • New filtering options in Campaign should be consistent with the filtering option in Campaigns Launchers including

    • Click on filter icon displays/hide filtering options.

    • If the filtering options are hidden, the filter icon should displays the count of filters applied.

    • User can add and remove any filter from drop downs.

  • David Desrosiers
  • Nov 17 2020
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  • Admin
    David Desrosiers commented
    5 Apr, 2021 06:41pm

    Since Jeto API and Campaign Analytics has been prioritized over this feature, we'll keep this one for future consideration. Pls cast your vote if this is important for you.