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Edit existing campaign after throwing error

Hi, it would be helpful if we can edit an existing campaign when in error mode. It will help make the process more efficient by not having to recreate the entire campaign again.

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  • Jun 22 2020
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    David Desrosiers commented
    5 Apr, 2021 06:29pm

    Thanks Charlie, I can see how this would help save time.
    So far, our strategy has been to stop campaign edits until the issue gets identified and resolved. We do have on the roadmap to add a "retry" function after it goes in error, but this requires that we consider the source of the error so that we know where it fails and we can pick up the retry process from there. So it's still a future improvement that we want to add, but It won't be possible for the next release due to the effort it represents.

    As you may know, we're currently developing the Campaign Clone function. I'll circle back with the development team, but I'm optimistic that we should be able to let you clone a campaign in error. Therefore, you would be able to replicate all the campaign data from a campaign in Error into a "new campaign" page and resubmit.

    Do you think that would work for your use case?